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Who We Are

3kis a small group of developers and designers that saw a hole in the modern digital media agency structure. Our goal is to lower the point of entry for a small business to get started with a real digital marketing strategy. We are small business owners ourselves who have found success in various forms of digital marketing. We believe in minimalist design, simplicity, and a clean and clear brand message.

Let Us Help You

How we do it.


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Why 3k?

  • Simple Onboarding¬†Our automated forms will walk you through all needed information before we start building your site.
  • Forever Website Your website will never need to be upgraded again. We update the framework monthly, so it will never get old.
  • Built Right & Scalable Your website will be built on the industry leading WordPress platform. Anything is possible.
  • Piece of Mind We keep the website operating properly so you can focus on your business.
  • You Own Your Website¬†Upon completion, the hosting is transferred to your name.